Tenth Edition of the  International Spectral Music  Festival, held in London, Berlin and Paris

November-December 2016

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Eight concerts, two workshops, book presentations in major venues of the three capitals

Hyperion International Ensemble and its soloists, conducted by Spectralist artists Dumitrescu & Avram

Ten composers, 15 world premieres.

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“Spectral music is not an epiphenomenon, an accident, an odd eccentric point on the musical map, deprived of any consequences, but a vast ocean, fed by numerous rivers and brooks increasingly vigorous . Besides, spectralism comes in Romania from a natural language, at an anthropological level,  directly connected to the very acoustic base of the sound”   Harry HALBREICH

Just when I thought ‘contemporary music' should be renamed ‘missed opportunity', I came across the music of Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram, two composers from Bucharest in Romania. (...) The Avram and Dumitrescu CDs on their own Edition Minuit label are distributed by ReR Megacorp in Britain and in the rest of the world by the network of ‘avant' labels which drummer Chris Cutler has assiduously knitted together over the last three decades. The fact that Tim Hodgkinson (along with Cutler a member of Henry Cow in the early-'70s) is actively involved with Dumitrescu/Avram - playing bass clarinet in their ensemble, contributing his own pieces - shows that I'm not alone in considering their music as the ‘rebirth of avant garde'. Ben WATSON

Hyperion International Ensemble’s member short biographies